We use single unit Parvo vaccines. That means that when your puppy gets vaccinated for parvo, that’s all they are getting. The NeoPar vaccine contains only parvo vaccine particles, so the concentration is high to be protective in the presence of maternal antibody. The vaccine is so effective that it requires only 2 doses to be protective, in comparison to 4 or 5 doses that are recommended with 3 and 4 way multiunit vaccines. Our core vaccination program for puppies includes 2 doses each of Parvo and Distemper and a thimerisol (mercury) free Rabies vaccine.

It makes good sense to vaccinate against infections that are most likely to cause severe illness and death.  Their pet parents and we agree. We offer vaccine titer testing so we can make informed decisions about whether to booster vaccines in the future.

We offer nutrition counseling and customize feeding strategies for families.

We talk about environmental enrichment activities.  Playtime, leash walking, puppy class, chew toys and food puzzles are some examples. Socialization to people, animals and situations outside of the family (prior to 16 weeks of age) is the most effective strategy for minimizing the development of fears and phobias to normal, everyday circumstances.

We teach pet parents how to avoid separation anxiety and what to do if you already have a dog with separation anxiety or phobias.

We strongly support properly introduced crate training.  It is an invaluable tool in house training and provides the puppy with a safe space for sleep, naps and alone time.  Puppies naturally gravitate to “den” type spaces for safety and “chill time”.

A puppy that has unsupervised access to the whole house will never become completely housetrained.

Meal feeding, treats and puzzle activities can be offered in the crate to foster a positive association with the den space.

Behavior problems are the #1 reason dogs are surrendered to rescues and shelters.

We are passionate about getting families and their puppies on the path to success early. It’s a big commitment at first, but the rewards are priceless.


We offer a traditional vaccine package for kittens: 3 way FVRCP series, which includes the upper respiratory coverage for Herpes and Calici, plus Panleukopenia (feline distemper).  We also offer thimerisol (mercury) free Rabies vaccines for cats. Rabies vaccines are not required by law in cats, like dogs, however, if a bite occurs, cats are subject to the same quarantine procedures as dog bites.

We feel the panleukopenia vaccine is the most important one for kittens to receive due to the risk severe of illness and death.  Other vaccines can be added to based on individual needs.

We offer nutrition counseling and feeding recommendations that best suit you and your kitten.

We offer tips and tools for litter box success.  Cats don’t need much training, they will naturally use a litter box and litter they find acceptable; that’s the secret in a nutshell.

We show pet parents how to provide environmental enrichment  for  kittens.  These include cat condos, window perches for bird watching and virtual hunting, toys for self play and wand type toys for interactive play.  Cats need hiding places and vertical space for climbing. They need scratching posts to express their natural behaviors, mark their territory with phermones and shed old claw layers.

Cats tend to be tree dwellers, bush dwellers, beach dwellers, cave dwellers or some combination of these depending on the conditions.

As cat guardians, it’s our job to provide the spaces our cats need to feel safe and happy.