• Non slip floors so no one accidentally does the splits.
  • Wood look, matte finish tile because dogs hate shiny floors.
  • Large and small exam rooms to accommodate all size dogs and families.
  • Memory Foam Orthopedic bed for dogs that are more comfortable lying down.

For dogs that feel safer when they can’t see what’s happening during a treatment or procedure, we have happy hats that cover their eyes and keep them calm.

We specialize in chronic problems like allergies, arthritis and pain management.

We offer 1 hour consultation appointments in order to obtain a thorough history, sort out problems and begin to create solutions.

We offer vaccine titer testing as an alternative to automatic 3 year vaccination boosters.

We use mercury (thimerasol) free Rabies vaccines and combine it with a homeopathic vaccine detoxifier.

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA): Helps soothe and relieve emotional troubles in rescue dogs and calms nervous, anxious dogs during x-rays, laboratory and treatment procedures.  We also use healing touch for our surgery and dental patients to enhance their recovery from anesthesia.

Monthly dog food classes and individual nutritional counseling appointments for puppies, adults, cancer patients, dogs with allergies, inflammatory bowel disease autoimmune disorders, arthritis and other chronic illness conditions.

We play music designed especially to be soothing to animals, “Through A Dog’s Ear”.

The smaller dogs like our leather exam room chairs too.

We use yoga mats so dogs have secure footing whether on the floor or the exam table.