We have a separate “cat only” waiting area. It is a Doggie Free Zone because dog smells are scary for most cats.  This enclosed area prevents a curious, sniffing dog from accidently coming nose to nose with a cat carrier and frightening the kitty inside.

The “cat only” exam room. This room is designed for cat calm and cat comfort.

We offer tasty treats as a gesture of friendship. Food is a valuable tool for earning the trust of an animal and rewarding calm behavior.

We use cat pheromones because cat’s are most comfortable when surrounded by natural cat scent.  We spritz it on ourselves too because the cats like us all to smell the same. It’s a territorial thing.

There is a comfy cat bed on the exam table;  some cats prefer to stay in their carrier with the top taken off.  We have a cat condo with multiple levels of super thick, soft carpet. It’s great for lounging, scratching, hiding or just hanging out. Some cats actually prefer the leather chairs we have for cat parents to sit on.

They all have their own texture preferences.  Our cat patients aren’t scared in this room because there are no scary dog smells and it’s quiet.

Cat Only Exam Room