I wish I could give more stars! This place has a very friendly staff and extremely knowledgeable doctors. We started taking our Maggie there about a year ago. Always have a positive friendly experience. This is always something you like to see when seeking a review. More importantly, when a life is in danger you want the best, and this is what you get. Dr. Pfafman saved our Maggie!

Dogs will be dogs and unknown to us at the time, Maggie managed to swallow 2 squeaky toy bladders. Her symptoms were in line with a few different causes and Dr. P methodically eliminated all possibilities but one. He explained everything in detail and was honest with his recommendation which was emergency surgery. We agreed to proceed and the bladders were found. One was less than hours away from tearing through her intestine which would most likely had caused death. If it were not for Dr. P's approach and explanation of the situation we may have chosen to delay the surgery.

Finally, when the dust settled and we knew Maggie was going to be fine, dealing with a medical bill such as this one was made much easier by offering us a no-interest payment plan.

A big THANK YOU to Dr Tom Pfafman and staff

Thank you to Dr. Pfafman for saving Monte! We went to Dr. P. a few years ago when my small Maltese was having severe back pain and could barely walk. We had tried traditional anti-inflammatories, but they didn't work. As a last ditch effort, we turned to Dr. P. I am so thankful we did. Through chiropractic care, Monte began to heal and has been doing great ever since. Just like a human, he needs to be re-aligned every once in a while, but he is back to being himself. We would have been lost without Dr. P. and chiropractic. We love Dr Pfafman!

Worth a 2-hour roundtrip!!I've been going to Dr Tom Pfafman for the last 5 years even though I live in Fountain Hills (that's about a 2-hour round trip!). Initially, I was looking for a vet who was an animal chiropractor and was open to alternative types of medicine for my chihuahua who had a slipped disk injury from before. Dr. Tom was that vet and more. I liked him so much that I brought all my pets there as well and continue to do so. It's so hard to find a good vet and for a reasonable price as well, and I'm so glad I found Dr. Tom!

-Kasandra V.

Dr. Pfafman has been indispensable in providing help for our pit mix. From when she only a few months old, he was able to eliminate her limping with only adjustments when, after ruling out hip dysplasia and valley fever, other vets were at a loss. She went through a bout of immune dysfunction and Dr Pfafman was able to determine an adrenal problem and gut imbalance and treat the problem as specifically as possible in order to avoid providing just a blanket steroid for the rest of her life. In recent months she has experienced unexplained pain and significant reduction in mobility but Dr Pfafman has gone above and beyond to help her: emergency visits, adjustments, in-depth blood work, dietary and supplement recommendations, as well as essential oil therapy. I truly don't know what we would have done without Dr Pfafman and his comprehensive, natural approach to veterinary medicine. Even more special to us however is the genuine care and support he has provided to our family through confusing and stressful times.

Thank you for everything and please let me know if there is anything else I can do or change and what else you think we should try with Brynnley.

-Leigh and Scott M. D.C.

"4 days after double ACL surgery, our Golden Razzie is walking! Dr. Tom and Staff are AMAZING!" -Teasie

"First time she's gotten up on "her" chaise since injuring her knees...much to my surprise as I exited the shower... Thanks for the healing you've all provided." - Jim

We are so grateful for Dr. Tom's and Dr. Mittner's care of our beloved 14-year-old cat. Oscar presents a number of veterinary challenges. Among them: he's FIV+, asthmatic, arthritic, and only one of his kidneys functions. When we brought him in a few months ago, his arthritis was so bad that his back legs would shake. He had an asthma attack nearly every day. He'd lost weight. He constantly hid and spent most of his days sleeping.
A smart, intuitive cat, and a born jokester, he rarely interacted. Now with chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, pain medicine, Eastern medicine, shots for his osteoarthritis, and acupuncture, he's gained weight and is growing stronger and more flexible. Tonight he turned nearly all the way around and groomed his back, hip, and tail! He's back to occasionally taunting the dog, pouncing on his favorite toy, and playing our version of hide-and-go-seek. Every morning he zooms down the hall. The fact that he's still with us is nothing less than amazing.
I highly recommend Integrative Vet Med Center.

Dear Dr. Tom, Dr. Alex, Dr Angie and the entire Integrative Vet Med Center staff, Including Curly,

As you can imagine, it is very difficult to write this card as our hearts are filled with unbelievable grief over losing our beloved Dutch.
Yet, our hearts are also filled with gratitude over how Dutch beat the odds of this nasty cancer and was able to brighten so many more unexpected days of our lives. Much of the gratitude goes to all of you...for saving his life in the first place when Cisco brought him in last February; for explaining the benefits of raw food and a positive attitude; for making him feel better with supplements, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture; for always greeting us with a smile and kind words; and for making us feel special and cared for every time we came to your clinic. And last but not least, for coming to our home to allow Dutch to go in peace...

Dutch was such a special boy indeed, and we miss him terribly!
With sadness, yet gratitude...
Claudia, Cisco and Eric

Dr Pfafman,
I want to thank you for taking such good care of Little Maya for the past 10 years plus. All the love and extra time and tender care you gave to My Maya and I, has been a blessing. You went above and beyond then I could ever expect or imagine in taking care and always keeping my precious girl comfortable and happy with a wag.

If there were a "Veterinarian Hall of Fame" you would be in it.

Thank You and the girls for all your tender loving care.

Have a Great Dane Day
Linda and Tuesday