What do we recommend for our athletic performance dogs?

Performance dogs that actively train and compete have high metabolic and nutritional demands. We strongly emphasize a high protein/low carb diet; raw is preferred because starch promotes inflammation.

Why do we recommend a multivitamin/mineral/digestive enzyme/probiotic supplement to balance the diet?

The highest quality of nutrition is critical for performance animals because of their high energy demands and the metabolic machinery required to clear the waste products.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for cellular metabolism and provide antioxidant benefits.

Seventy percent of the immune system lives in the gut. If the guts aren’t healthy and happy, the body soon breaks down.

The physical demands on these dogs can be rigorous; they want to win; dog parents & handlers want to win too.

We are proactive here to promote and maintain health and performance.

If we wait until there is an injury, time, entry fees and opportunities are lost. We teach proper “warm ups and cool downs” which help prevent injuries.

We start joint health supplements before there are signs of trouble.

Regular massage is great for keeping muscles and joints warm and moveable.

We  recommend chiropractic adjustments weekly, bimonthly or monthly depending on activity level and training intensity.

We don’t wait for something to go wrong; we work together to keep it going right.

“Diesel” is one of our famous, professional athletes – he herds sheep, ducks and cattle. His dad bought him this treadmill and when his dad goes near it, he jumps on and waits for it to be turned on. He runs on the treadmill at 4.8 mph for 7 minutes twice a day.

The treadmill is a healthy way for Diesel to express pent up energy during the summer hiatus from competitive herding. His dog dad is so clever!